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CHANGEMAKERS , INNOVATION , RURAL INDIA , When An Earthquake Hit Gujarat, He Invented “Mitticool” , A Clay Fridge That Runs Without Electricity When Mansukh bhai suffered severe loss in the Gujarat earthquake , he got an idea to make a fridge out of clay . He invented “ Mitticool ” which runs without electricity and also preserves the original taste of the food items . Apart from a fridge , he has invented non-stick earthen tavas , earthen thermos flasks , etc . Know all about the man who is helping millions with his amazing environment-friendly and pocket-friendly innovations . For more details visit our website :
Benefits of Drinking Water from Traditional Earthenware When you come back home on a drenched summer afternoon what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter your home or your workplace ? Isn’t it a cold glass of water ?   Drinking refrigerated cold water can cause sunstroke . Also , storing water in plastic containers or bottles is harmful because plastic contains harmful substances such as arsenic , aluminium that is hazardous to the body . Not only this , it affects our immune system too! But everything in this busy world has alternatives . When the smart technological world doesn’t work , it is always clever to switch back to our traditional methods . One such traditional method used since ancient India for storing drinking water is the use of earthen pots .   Earthenware is completely free of these harmful chemicals and is very organic . These days if you are habitual to drinking water from bottles , then even earthen bottles are available in the market .   Basic Principle of Earthenware   The material used for the earthenware is clay which is porous . When water is added , some of it seeps quickly through the porous walls of the vessel . The water on the outside walls needs to be evaporated for which it requires latent heat of evaporation . This is done by absorbing the heat from the inside of the earthenware thus lowering the temperature of the water on the insides . Major Benefits of Drinking Water from Earthenware 1. Refrigeration without Paying Bills Your old refrigerator might have sucked up electricity , but that isn’t the case for earthen pots , bottles and filters . It is a completely economical process . It only requires one-time purchasing and later you do not have to worry about your electricity bills . Just like the refrigerator , the water from an earthenware is cool enough to quench your thirst. Water once stored in earthenware pots and bottles stays cool throughout the day . 2. Quick Decomposing If you use a plastic bottle it takes almost 450 years to decompose thus degrading the environment . As the material of the earthenware is completely organic , once decomposed it mixes up with the earthly elements . This method is hence proved eco-friendly . 3. Natural and Healthy Our regular plastic bottles contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which is very hazardous for our health . Also, drinking a particular amount of water per day increases the metabolism of the body and also testosterone levels . Both the above-desired needs are fulfilled by using earthenware . Another interesting thing about earthenware is that it is made up of clay which is alkaline in nature . This maintains the pH level of the body if the water is acidic . Keeping in mind the above benefits of storing water in earthenware , it is also truly authentic and soothing to drink the cool water from an earthen pot or a bottle with the slight earthen flavour of the natural ingredients and the soil . Mitti Cool – ‘ Soul of the Soil ’ as the name goes offers a wide range of earthenware products like Pots (Matka) ,  bottles ,  filters and even refrigerator to restore back the culture . Going with the tradition , you can always replace your refrigerator with genuine Mitti Cool earthenware , also available in simple and also various beautiful and attractive designs . More details visit our website
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, MITTICOOL earthen clay water pots cools the water and provides healing with the elements of earth , . , Most significantly , MITTICOOL earthen clay water pots transfer the coldness to the water based on the climate , . This quality of an earthen clay water pot is unique and no other container has the same quality , . Buy earthen clay water pot online , . , Mitticool Water pot in India , Mitticool water pot in Jammu Kashmir , , for more details visit our website : ,
, want to buy Terracotta Flower Pots , , To meet the various requirements of the customers , we “ Mitticool ” are involved as manufacturer and exporter of Terracotta Product , Tea Clay Pot and Rustic Clay Pot With Lid , , TERRACOTTA CLAY POT AND FLOWER POT TRAY , , We “ Mitticool ” are well-recognized organization involved as a Sole Proprietorship (Individual) based firm. The headquarter of our firm is situated at Wankaner , Rajkot , Gujarat . Since 2004 , our firm is engaged as the manufacturer and exporter of Terracotta Product , Tea Clay Pot and Rustic Clay Pot With Lid , These products are known for their optimum quality at the reasonable value in the fixed time period , , Terracotta flower pots in Gujarat , Terracotta flower pots in Rajkot , Terracotta flower pots in Delhi , , for more details visit our website :
Mitticool Products , Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Earthen Cookware Products Since 2002 , , Mitti Cool- Finest Destination To Fill Your Stock With Clay Products Please pay attention, maybe you are overlooking health in front of the taste... Yes, metallic cookwares drench all essential nutrients of food and make it toxic which leaves long terms effects on your body. At Mitti Cool, we have come up with earthen cooking products made up of pure Indian Clay. It is a good news for all that we are among the leading Manufacturer of Earthen Cookware products as well as Exporter of Earthen Cooking Products across the country. Our versatile assortment justifies this claim in a very well manner. The soil is alkaline in nature, therefore, play a prominent role in neutralizing pH balance of food prepared and stored in it. Cooking in steel and aluminum items are quite harmful for humans as it enhances the deposition of metal in the body . As this ratio of accumulated metal increases beyond the limit , it starts affecting muscles , liver , kidneys , bones and other essential parts of the body . Earthen cookware products are the best alternative which can save you from such loss. We have a wide range of cooking products like clay cookers , handi, tawa , kadai , clay refrigerator and many more products . Therefore feel free to place your order , we can easily handle bulk orders , send us a request and your consignment will reach you within a week , , Mitticool Water Pot , Mitticool Water Filter , Mitticool Refrigerator , Mitticool Water Bottle , Mitticool Tawa , mitticool cup set , Mitticool Cooker , Etc . For more Details visit our website :
, Mitticool is a natural refrigerator made entirely from clay to store vegetables , fruits and also for cooling water . It provides natural coolness to the stored material without requiring any electricity or any other artificial form of energy . Fruits , vegetables and milk can be stored fresh without deteriorating their quality for 2 to 3 days retaining their original taste . It works on the principle of evaporation . Water from the upper chambers drips down the side , and gets evaporated taking away heat from the inside , leaving the chambers cool . The top upper chamber is used to store water . A small lid made from clay is provided on top . A small faucet tap is also provided at the front lower end of chamber to tap out the water for drinking use . In the lower chamber , two shelves are provided to store vegetables , fruits and milk etc . , for more details about mitticool refrigerator please visit mitticool website : , , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Gujarat , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in karnataka , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Telangana , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Andrapradesh , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Tamilnadu , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Kerala , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in Maharastra , mitticool clay refrigerator is available in West Bangal
, Features: Brown, Export Quality, 100% Natural Clay, Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Can Be Used On Gas Stove, Open Fire, 100% Nutrients From The Ingredients Is Retained In Your Cooking, Moisture Content Of The Food Is Retained Thus Making Your Food Juicer, Tender And Fresher Than Conventional Cooking, Food becomes more Delicious, Nutritious & Healthy. The food cooked in clay pot can be cooked without oil due to the natural non-stick property there by aiding fat free meal. , Clay Cooking Pot Thane , , Clay Cooking Pot Barasat , , Clay Cooking Pot Bangalore , , Clay Cooking Pot Pune , , Clay Cooking Pot Bandra (East) , , Clay Cooking Pot Alipore , , Clay Cooking Pot Bardhaman , , Clay Cooking Pot Ahmedabad , , Clay Cooking Pot Baharampur , , Clay Cooking Pot Jaipur , , Clay Cooking Pot Nashik , , Clay Cooking Pot Allahabad , , Clay Cooking Pot Patna , , Clay Cooking Pot Hugli-Chuchura , , for more details visit our website ,