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ABOUT MITTICOOL Mitticool is the best clay products manufacturing company in India. We welcome you to the vast community of Mitticool Clay Creation, where we are committed to harness the great potential of the rich and fertile soil. We're committed to serve our expertise to utilize such power to create whole new level of earthen cookware which cooks organic, nutritious and wholesome meals. Mitticool has been producing various clay products. We promote the usage of eco-friendly products. Mitticool makes different kind of products such as cookware, tableware, water filters, water pots, water bottles, and antique & handicraft items. All our products are made of clay. Mitticool has been offering such products in India since year 2004. Mitticool's product line includes Mitticool Refrigerator, Non-Stick Tawa, Clay Cooker, Clay Dinner sets, Curd Pots, Water Pots and many other clay products. Being the best clay products manufacturer in India, we feel proud to continue India's tradition of making useful things from the clay and serve people countrywide. Our clay products not only offer unique look but also have health benefits, which have been discussed since centuries. As a consumer, you have wide range of items with different shapes and sizes to choose from.
BEST EARTHEN COOKWARE COMPANY INDIA Leading Earthen Cookware Company in India – Clay Cookware & Tableware Products Shop for Earthen & Terracotta Pots Online – Earthen Cookware We welcome you to the family of Mitticool , the best earthen cookware company in India , where we are committed to harness the amazing potentials of our rich fertile soil and utilize them to present to you, a whole new organic way of cooking nutritious and wholesome meals .
This mitticool Biryani pot retains the flavor of the nutrition. value of the food. can also be used for serving & as a cook biryani pot
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Mitticool is the biggest manufacturer of clay products in India. Our highly demanded products are Clay Water Pot Clay Water Bottle Clay Cooker Clay Kadai Clay Handi and many more... for more information or online purchase visit us on
With through domain understanding, we are betrothed to provide excellent quality Decorative Theme Setup Clay Water Filter. Other Details: Clay Water Filter is a top quality product of our company. Before starting to use the filter, fill the top water chamber with water and empty it after 12 hours so that the clay gets use to water. Once in a month make sure you soak the candles in boiling water for 10 minutes so that it gets clean. How to Use: After every 2 years it is advised to change the candles of the filter for better results. The filter and the candles are meant to be cleaned with soft sponge or similar materials. This filter is designed to give you clean and cool water. Advantages: Filters germs and bacteria’s of 0.9 micron sized in water which is harmful to body. Along with clean and hygienic water, you get to have cold water which is because of the natural clay. Unique and innovative design Painting or design can be customized. Protects you from many harmful and water related diseases. Laboratory tested. Won much national and international recognition. Technical Specifications: Material NaturalClay Style Antique weight 10K.G. height 2feets. width 10”Inch FilterCapacity 0.9micron Capacity 20liter Packing Thermocolpack clay water filter clay products earthen products earthen water pots
This mitticool Clay Curd Pot retains the flavor of the nutrition. value of the food. can also be used for serving & as a casserole
In order to retain remarkable position in this industry, we are providing a wide array of Clay CURD Pot.