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Benefits of Drinking Water from Traditional Earthenware When you come back home on a drenched summer afternoon what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter your home or your workplace ? Isn’t it a cold glass of water ?   Drinking refrigerated cold water can cause sunstroke . Also , storing water in plastic containers or bottles is harmful because plastic contains harmful substances such as arsenic , aluminium that is hazardous to the body . Not only this , it affects our immune system too! But everything in this busy world has alternatives . When the smart technological world doesn’t work , it is always clever to switch back to our traditional methods . One such traditional method used since ancient India for storing drinking water is the use of earthen pots .   Earthenware is completely free of these harmful chemicals and is very organic . These days if you are habitual to drinking water from bottles , then even earthen bottles are available in the market .   Basic Principle of Earthenware   The material used for the earthenware is clay which is porous . When water is added , some of it seeps quickly through the porous walls of the vessel . The water on the outside walls needs to be evaporated for which it requires latent heat of evaporation . This is done by absorbing the heat from the inside of the earthenware thus lowering the temperature of the water on the insides . Major Benefits of Drinking Water from Earthenware 1. Refrigeration without Paying Bills Your old refrigerator might have sucked up electricity , but that isn’t the case for earthen pots , bottles and filters . It is a completely economical process . It only requires one-time purchasing and later you do not have to worry about your electricity bills . Just like the refrigerator , the water from an earthenware is cool enough to quench your thirst. Water once stored in earthenware pots and bottles stays cool throughout the day . 2. Quick Decomposing If you use a plastic bottle it takes almost 450 years to decompose thus degrading the environment . As the material of the earthenware is completely organic , once decomposed it mixes up with the earthly elements . This method is hence proved eco-friendly . 3. Natural and Healthy Our regular plastic bottles contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which is very hazardous for our health . Also, drinking a particular amount of water per day increases the metabolism of the body and also testosterone levels . Both the above-desired needs are fulfilled by using earthenware . Another interesting thing about earthenware is that it is made up of clay which is alkaline in nature . This maintains the pH level of the body if the water is acidic . Keeping in mind the above benefits of storing water in earthenware , it is also truly authentic and soothing to drink the cool water from an earthen pot or a bottle with the slight earthen flavour of the natural ingredients and the soil . Mitti Cool – ‘ Soul of the Soil ’ as the name goes offers a wide range of earthenware products like Pots (Matka) ,  bottles ,  filters and even refrigerator to restore back the culture . Going with the tradition , you can always replace your refrigerator with genuine Mitti Cool earthenware , also available in simple and also various beautiful and attractive designs . More details visit our website
ABOUT MITTICOOL Mitticool is the best clay products manufacturing company in India. We welcome you to the vast community of Mitticool Clay Creation, where we are committed to harness the great potential of the rich and fertile soil. We're committed to serve our expertise to utilize such power to create whole new level of earthen cookware which cooks organic, nutritious and wholesome meals. Mitticool has been producing various clay products. We promote the usage of eco-friendly products. Mitticool makes different kind of products such as cookware, tableware, water filters, water pots, water bottles, and antique & handicraft items. All our products are made of clay. Mitticool has been offering such products in India since year 2004. Mitticool's product line includes Mitticool Refrigerator, Non-Stick Tawa, Clay Cooker, Clay Dinner sets, Curd Pots, Water Pots and many other clay products. Being the best clay products manufacturer in India, we feel proud to continue India's tradition of making useful things from the clay and serve people countrywide. Our clay products not only offer unique look but also have health benefits, which have been discussed since centuries. As a consumer, you have wide range of items with different shapes and sizes to choose from.
Primarily there are two major benefits of cooking in clay utensils. One, due to its porous nature the heat and moisture circulate in the pot while cooking; helping the food to cook better and faster. Second, the second reason is that since clay is alkaline it mixes with acid quality of food ingredients neutralizing the pH balance. Acidic food stuff like tomato, lime etc will be healthier in a clay pot. A clay cookware is also free of heavy metals and synthetic polymers. They are non-reactive and emit a far-infrared heat—the most effective and beneficial heat for cooking. The far-infrared enables a complete range of subtle flavors to emerge.
Primarily There Are Two Major Benefits Of Cooking In Clay Utensils One Due To Its Porous Nature The Heat And Moisture Circulate In The Pot While Cooking Helping The Food To Cook Better And Faster Second The Second Reason Is That Since Clay Is Alkaline It Mixes With Acid Quality Of Food Ingredients Neutralizing The PH Balance Acidic Food Stuff Like Tomato Lime Etc Will Be Healthier In A Clay Pot A Clay Cookware Is Also Free Of Heavy Metals And Synthetic Polymers They Are Non Reactive And Emit A Far Infrared Heat The Most Effective And Beneficial Heat For Cooking The Far Infrared Enables A Complete Range Of Subtle Flavors To Emerge Mitticool Clay Products Mitticool Clay Handi With Handle Mitticool Clay Handi Mitticool Mitti Products Mitticool Mitti Kitchen Products MItticool Clay Food Making Handi Mitticool Mitti Kitchen Product. Mitticool Clay Cooking Handi Mitticool Clay Cooking Products Mitticool Clay Cooking Handi With Lid
Clay Cookware Products keeps essential moisture and nutrients in food . Therefore cooking done in these rich organic Earthenware Cookware are full of health benefits . It is good for your body and for your mind . India is famous for its rich craftsmanship , but cookware items made up of Terracotta is a new concept for the whole world. Clay used in the manufacturing of these cookware items are carefully harvested in specific areas of the country . Spotting perfect soil for manufacturing is tedious task for us but we are proficient in handling it . Clay Pots for Cooking manufactured from our end are organic without any trace of additives and chemicals . Therefore food cooked in these products is full of natural taste which you may have forgotten in this fast food world . Mitti Cool has taken a revolutionary steps to bring the traditional artifacts back to the present world . Somehow , this company has succeeded in its intent as now it is counted among the leading exporter of earthen cookware products . The smooth and delightful finish of Terracotta Pots make cooking easy and organic clay imparts natural touch to the dish . So don't lack behind buy clay Pots, earthen tableware , clay water bottle online , just place your order and you are good to go...
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